The cost of therapy is $100.00 per hour to be paid at the end of every session by cash, check or e-transfer.

Many Benefit Plans, such as those offered by major employers, municipal, provincial or federal governments, and nationwide insurance companies provide full or partial reimbursement of Registered Social Worker fees so this results in lower cost counselling for many clients.  A receipt will be provided to you to access reimbursement.

The fee for services of a Registered Social Worker may be also be covered under your Employee Assistance Plan (EAP) or other Assistance Plan.  Please check with your Insurance Plan or EAP to determine if your cost may be reimbursed.   If you have an EAP that is covered, billing will be made directly to the Employee Assistance Plan so there would be no cost for you.

You may also save your receipts for income tax purposes.



Free Parking is available behind the office and behind the adjacent building as well.  Free parking is also available on Lake Street. 

There is a city bus stop near 128 Lake Street, St Catharines.