Anxiety and Depression


Does depression, sadness or loneliness affect your daily living?
Does anxiety or panic affect your social interactions?

Anxiety and depression can make every day life exhausting.  Anyone can suffer from anxiety or depression and anyone can learn how to manage their thoughts, interactions and behaviours.   We will work together using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Solution Focused Brief Therapy, Attachment Therapy or Emotionally Focused Family Therapy or a combination of modalities to find ways to help you to gain control of your thoughts, feelings, behaviours and social interactions. 


Grief and Loss

Grief and loss may affect people for many reasons and in various ways.  It could be the result of a recent or long ago death of a loved one.  It could be the loss of a dream, the loss of people in your past or loss resulting from realizing that things have changed.  You may find yourself experiencing a wide range of emotions and behaviours associated with grief, such as numbness, anger or escape.  You can learn how to resolve your feelings of grief and loss.  


Teens and children


Teens and children deal with the effects of worries, poor self-esteem, social anxiety, bullying or inadequate attachments to the people who should be important in their lives.  Learning new skills to use in everyday situations can provide fresh hope to a teen or to a child.



Did you know that your early attachment style may still affect your current relationship expectations?   Are you relieved about the fact that your attachment style can be repaired?  The trust, safety and security that a person can experience when in a loving supportive relationship provides hope to adoptive families and to couples in troubled marriage relationships.   You can learn how to build a better attachment. 




Individual counselling is also available for issues such as:

  • Stress

  • Self esteem

  • Self harm

  • Transitions

  • Life Choices