Relationship Counselling

Improved communication will help you to work through choices and challenges leading to stronger relationships between the people who you care about or with the people who you surround you.  Healthier relationships begin by learning about yourself first, so that you can communicate more clearly with yourself and others.  This is turn can help you to build  better relationships with others at home, at work, with friends or with people in general.  Understanding or repairing the effects of your own attachment style and dealing with grief and loss can lead to improved relationships.  You can learn how to implement new strategies to develop stronger relationships with the people who are important to you.   

People often find they need help to:

  • Make personal changes to enrich all relationships

  • Understand each other

  • Discuss expectations

  • Understand attachment styles

  • Learn how to communicate more clearly

  • Build better relationships

  • Deal with power struggles

  • Deal with family conflict

  • Deal with phase of life problems